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An Additional Office
Delegait's model is to provide you with significant cost reduction through access to an additional office without the usual risk, capital cost or time delay.

  • Your own employees
  • Your own facilitated office
  • Lower cost
  • Less employment risk

Delegait makes International Insourcing a Viable Alternative.

As an alternative to outsourcing, Delegait offers client organisations the ability to access all of the financial benefits of outsourcing without the downside risks.

By hiring, firing and directing your own employees, you access local labour rates without mark-up and retain the control of the process and quality. Unlike outsourcing, Insourcing with Delegait carries no long term contractual commitment.

Insourcing is a better solution for businesses which, for reasons of security, culture, standards, legislative compliance or client requirements - prefer to keep their service delivery, intellectual property and confidential information in the hands of their own employees.

Outsourcing is well suited to high volume, repetitive functions that are well documented, relatively simple, that are inexpensive to QA and can be financially quantified. Outsourcing is also beneficial where the outsourcer can deliver valuable intellectual property to the function being outsourced.

For companies desiring the flexibility and control of having their own staff in their own facilitated office environment, Delegait insourcing is a valuable option.

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