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An Additional Office
Delegait's model is to provide you with significant cost reduction through access to an additional office without the usual risk, capital cost or time delay.

  • Your own employees
  • Your own facilitated office
  • Lower cost
  • Less employment risk

Office Hosting

As the originator of the Staff Hosting / Office Hosting model, Delegait has the most experience and the largest market share in the segment.

Hosting means Delegait "hosts" your office and employees within our managed office environment, wrapped in the local services you need to operate your own facility.

Some Examples of what other Clients are doing in our Offices.

Lower-cost Backoffice
The biggest operational cost in your head office jurisdiction is likely to be salaries. The second biggest cost is usually statutory and non-statutory employee oncosts such as superannuation, payroll tax and workers' compensation insurance; and non-statutory costs such as providing employees with office and technology facilities and paying recruitment and support costs.

Both can be reduced for roles which do not require the physical presence of the employee in the host office. Any work done with a computer or phone can be done in a secure overseas office, saving around 80% on salaries and 30% on employee oncosts.

Regional Sales Office
Delegait facilities can be used to operate a low cost regional sales offices for businesses promoting their products and services in Asian markets. By locating centrally in the Philippines, an English and Mandarin speaking sales team can sell effectively at low cost into the region, reducing the cost of having more expensive head office salespeople visit from long distances.

With flight costs and times on the same level as domestic travel, operating from the Philippines is a cost effective way to access a huge market at the lowest possible cost. Around 1.5 hours to Hong Kong and Taipei makes Manila a central location for your business.

24 x 7 Operations
Many business operate extended hours, or would like to, but the cost is prohibitive. By operating a fully facilitated office with Delegait, businesses can perform extended hours at a fraction of the cost of local operations.

An extended hours operation is ideal for technical support, inbound customer service calls, network monitoring and handover of incomplete tickets or calls from the working day in your primary locations.

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