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Why the Philippines?

The Philippines was our first choice as the location for Australian companies seeking to reduce general staff costs. After extensive research of potential providers in a similar time zone to Australian cities, the Philippines stood out as clearly the obvious choice.

  • The Philippines is the world’s third largest English speaking country.
  • English is an official language and is taught in all schools, and used extensively in universities and many offices.
  • Similar time-zone; the same time as WA and 2 hours behind our east coast (AEST).
  • Significantly lower average staff salary levels for equivalents, typically under 20% of Australian rates.
  • Quality workforce. 350,000 graduates per year; 94.6% literacy rate.
  • Having been a US colony for 50 years and having hosted a large US military presence has created a strong western culture.
  • Very accessible, only 7.5 hours flying time from Sydney and just north of Australia.
  • The country has extensive experience and capability in offshoring and outsourcing for western businesses.
  • The Philippines is the world’s second largest offshoring provider.
  • Positive work ethic and Filipinos generally welcome the opportunity to work for western employers.
  • The offshoring market in the Philippines is growing at a faster rate than any other location

With many of the largest multinationals choosing the Philippines as their international backoffice location, Australian businesses can take comfort that they have done their due diligence and concur with our selection.

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