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Delegait - The Outsourcing Alternative

As an alternative to outsourcing, Delegait offers client organisations the ability to access all of the financial benefits of outsourcing without the downside risks.

By hiring, firing and directing your own employees, you access local labour rates without mark-up and retain the control of the process and quality. Unlike outsourcing, Insourcing with Delegait carries no long term contractual commitment.

Insourcing is a better solution for businesses which, for reasons of security, culture, standards, legislative compliance or client requirements - prefer to keep their service delivery, intellectual property and confidential information in the hands of their own employees.

Outsourcing is well suited to high volume, repetitive functions that are well documented, relatively simple, that are inexpensive to QA and can be financially quantified. Outsourcing is also beneficial where the outsourcer can delivery valuable intellectual property to the function being outsourced.

For companies desiring the flexibility and control of having their own staff, Delegait insourcing is a viable option.

How does staff hosting compare to outsourcing?

Staff Hosting offers more than just lower costs and better control.



Delegait Staff Hosting

Choice of staff

The call centre or outsourcer chooses the staff who go on your campaign or contract.

You have full choice and full control. We assist you to recruit from the full talent pool of the Philippines.

Staff access

With a call centre, clients typically deal only with an account manager and have little or no access to the people “at the coal-face” who are actually doing the work.

You have full, direct and immediate access to the people working for you.


The work is quoted with unknown margin included. You don’t know what the people doing the work are being paid.

Full transparency. You negotiate the salary with each staff member and you pay them exactly that amount with no mark-up.

Access to talent

You are given staff who are “on the bench” or coming off other campaigns or contracts. Shortfalls are usually filled by contractors from an agency.

You recruit from the labour market at large, with the opportunity to headhunt experienced staff.

Rapidity of deployment

Provider co-ordinates availability and commencement based on availability of resources on their team.

Recruit, train and start in the same timeframe as you would with local staff.


Limited to the contract. You deal with an account manager, not the people at the “coal-face” who are doing your work.

Full day to day control of your staff, including process, exceptions and outcomes.


Outsourcing is usually all-encompassing.

Retain the quality control and customer-facing component of the work in Australia and back-end with your Manila based staff. Change requirements at will at any time.


Changes are charged, usually at premium rates.

No change to cost, just direct your Manila staff as you would your local staff.

Contractual Relationship

Provider is engaged as a contractor.

Same – Delegait is engaged as a contractor. You have no employment risk.

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