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Insourcing Benefits.

Delegait’s offer is empowering and unique. We allow Australian businesses of all sizes to recruit and hire near-shore staff in the same way as they would hire locals. Unlike other providers, Delegait does not on-sell the work of employees at a markup on salaries. You choose your own staff, determine the salary offered and retain the same control as you would in Australia. Delegait’s business model is to charge a fee for the facilities and services it provides to make access to lower cost staff possible.

Much of the work involved in running a business encompasses generic functions such as office administration, phone reception, accounts payable and receivable, sales, marketing, supplier management and human resources. Part of the work required to perform these functions can be near-shored to a lower labour cost location outside Australia with an attendant positive effect on profitability and competitiveness, with no impact on quality or effectiveness of the function performed. Cheap, reliable internet-based voice and data services make this “work anywhere” concept a reality.

Delegait removes the need to secure offshore Government licenses or establish office facilities and makes this possible and attractive for Australian businesses.*

As an alternative to outsourcing, insourcing offers many benefits:

  • The familiar model of hiring and managing your own staff
  • Eliminates vendor risk and vendor management costs
  • No long term contract
  • Extremely flexible
  • Zero capital expenditure
  • Simple contract and reduced need for ongoing renegotiation
  • Contract enforceable in Australia*
  • Simplifies privacy and confidentiality concerns
  • Simplifies IP issues and retains all developed IP in your company
  • Lower cost
  • Safe and secure
  • You retain full control of the process and the quality of the output

Why are Australian Companies Near-shoring Work?

Australian small and medium businesses can now take advantage of near-shoring to:

  • Reduce the cost of salaries and wages by 75% or more;
  • Reduce the cost of statutory and non-statutory on-costs by average 30%;
  • Reduce employment risk;
  • Extend operating hours with minimal or no overtime payments;
  • Improve performance of non-core aspects of day-to-day administration, I.T., sales, marketing and customer care.

*If your business is based in another country, contact us for a referral to a business

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